Quilts & Pillows made out of Tshirts

“We make beautiful quilts out of your t-shirts that celebrate events and memories in a comfortable, usable way”



Best Quillts

Quality Fabric

Quilt Styles

Choose one of our several styles. The mosaic quilt uses the most shirts and has a puzzle like design. Our standard block quilt is more uniform as all the blocks are the same size. Sashing (material between the squares) can be added to the standard block quilt as well. If you are looking for the most economical way to preserve your shirts, then the t-shirt blanket is a great option. Your shirts are sewn together without the fusible backing and no batting is used. The shirts are backed with a premium fleece making a soft, cozy blanket.

Pillows and Custom Orders

Pillows are a fun way to use your shirts. They can be made using the mosaic or standard block style design. Custom quilts are a great way to create an heirloom to pass on through the generations. Baby quilts, memory quilts and everything in between designed according to your wishes.


All quilts are made with high quality fabric and batting. Each quilt is professionally machine quilted using an all over design.

Steps in converting your t-shirts into quilts


Choose your tshirt

Choosing what T-shirt to include is very important. Think about things like color, topic, chronology, and level of importance. Think about this carefully because some T-shirts might not belong in your quilt. 


Mark the design

Using masking tape, mark out any of the designs on the t-shirt you DO NOT want me to use. 


Fill Order Form

You order does more than just tell us who you are. It lets you communicate to us about size, color, border and other options you would like. It is also a great place if you want to write us notes about other concerns or wishes.